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Effects of Driving with Music On

Music is a pivotal part of life and for many, a journey is not complete without it. When looking online there are many compilations of music and different playlists to choose from to accompany a... Read more

Keeping the Kids Cool on the Minibus

Although sunny spells are a welcome change from the traditional rainy British summertime, the thought of travelling in a hot minibus with overheated children is enough to make us want the rain back.... Read more

5 Of The Most Important Vocational Skills For Students

How ready for the world did you feel when you stepped out of the school gates for the last time? If you’re anything like students of today, the answer is probably not very. Only 43... Read more

3 Ways To Develop Empathy in Students

Some people are just naturally more empathetic than others. There’s the kid who leaves the apple on your desk, and the kid who leaves a tac on your seat. And that’s just how it... Read more

How to Manage Risks From 3 School Trip Case Studies

They say that no matter how much planning for a school trip you do, anything can go wrong on the day. It’s true, but it’s certainly not the whole truth. With thousands of successful... Read more