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Emission Law Changes to Impact Minibus Drivers

​Over the last few years, the level of vehicle emissions has grown at an exponential rate, and as a result, there are constraints to be implemented across London in the near future. The British... Read more

The Versatility of Fleeting a Minibus

​As lovers of the road, it can be a thrilling experience to venture out in a new minibus to explore what the world has to offer. Whether you’re a school teacher and the designated driver on... Read more

Time to Say Goodbye to your Beloved Minibus?

​First things first, we hope you have had a relaxing festive period and enjoyed the indulgences of Christmas food and been inundated with fun with your family and friends. Unfortunately, the time has... Read more

What you Need to Know when Driving a Minibus Abroad

​Whether you’re planning the coolest school trip of the year or going for a short break away from your usual surroundings, going abroad needs extensive planning, especially when with pupils and... Read more

Is it a Safer Option to Lease a Minibus for your School/College?

​At the end of March last year, there were an estimated 37.5 million vehicles licenced for use across UK roads, 83% of which were cars.  As this trend is set to continue exponentially, it is... Read more