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Minibus Drivers Must be Prepared for EU Travel Post-Brexit

​As the news has been saturated with Brexit news, it has finally hit the Marshall Minibus blog page. The clock is ticking and when the 29th March is upon us, the UK will leave the European Union (EU)... Read more

Top 5 UK Destinations to Visit with your Minibus

​Everyone loves a trip away from normal reality, some prefer a trip to the seaside while others enjoy a sight-seeing, activity-based breaks. Making new trips and experiences in your school minibus... Read more

How a Minibus Can Connect Older Individuals Together in a Community

​As many of us have witnessed, it can sometimes be difficult for older individuals to bond together in groups within a community. Many retired people have a lot of time on their hands, but it can... Read more

Encouraging Sports Activities with the Utilisation of a School Minibus

​In a digital world, it can often be difficult to encourage younger pupils to partake in physical activities outside of school. It has become second nature for those in education to arrive home and... Read more

Good news: Councils Preparing to Tackle Most Dangerous Potholes

​Yes, the harsh weather has taken its toll on UK roads. Potholes are a hazard for any driver but particularly so if you are driving a minibus. Fear not, as local highway authorities (LHAs) across... Read more