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The Top 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teachers

We all know the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ which has sold millions and millions of copies across the globe. Given that childhood education plays a concrete part in... Read more

3 Innovative Classrooms From Around The World

Sometimes, classrooms aren't the best place for learning. Let’s face it, they can often be the opposite. Dull and uninspiring rooms with their own rules and regimes have long failed to... Read more

What Is Personalised Education And How Will It Change The Classroom?

Everything from what we wear and what we drive, to how we workout and the medical care we receive is becoming personalised, so why not our education? It’s no surprise to anyone that... Read more

The Future Of Technology In The Classroom

If there was ever an area in which greater technology was needed, it would be the classroom. Slow and unintuitive desktop computers, flickering projection systems, fuzzy VCR videos; all of these... Read more

4 Exciting School Trips In The East Of England Perfect By Minibus

England is home to a wide and diverse range of venues, attractions, and destinations which are perfect for visiting on a school trip.   From the museums of London to the hills and... Read more