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End of Term Ideas for Your School Minibus

​As the summer is on the horizon for schools up and down the country, teachers and students alike are planning for a great end of term. Many schools prioritise a trip after students complete their... Read more

Inclusive Array of Services Provided by Marshall Minibus

​Now we are in the full swing of the new financial year, many schools, colleges and universities across the UK have funding behind them to make a real difference moving forward. A minibus is a... Read more

Minibus Ideas to Motivate Your University Students in their Final Term

​As the final semester is upon students up and down the country, it is a crucial time for these individuals to knuckle down and revise for their final exams before graduating in the summer. This can... Read more

How a Minibus Can Solve the Problem of Archaic Public Transport

​Public transport has been around for centuries, although as times are changing, so are many traditional opinions on this phenomenon. Recent research from Fujitsu suggests that more than a third... Read more

How a Minibus Can Eliminate the Risk of Purchasing Unsafe Tyres

​The icing on the cake for us petrol heads, sleek tyres on your minibus are the making of a fantastic road trip, so why risk this phenomenon for the sake of saving your school a tiny bit of budget... Read more