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5 Places To Go On A Science & Technology School Trip

There’s simply no better way to learn about science and technology than visiting some of the sites up and down the country that are purpose-built and dedicated to the fields.

Many of them, such as The Eden Project, are they themselves testament to their incredible power for change. With their buildings constructed in new and innovative ways, and initiatives are driven by cutting-edge technologies, they reinvent, add to, and, crucially, preserve and showcase our world so we and generations to come can appreciate it in all its glory.

To ensure you and your students don’t miss out on our country’s incredibly inspirational and, in many ways, life-changing experiences, here’s five of the best science of technology school trips that the UK has to offer.

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

With over 200 hands-on displays, including a state-of-the-art planetarium, Thinktank will be sure to get your students thinking. The vast exhibition takes a new approach to the concept of the science museum, immersing visitors in the details of everything that makes up our world, from internal organs to steam engines. The museum also provides expert learning officers to help ensure students get everything they can out of their trip.

Centre for Life, Newcastle

Known for being one the top centres of science and learning in the country, the Centre for Life in Newcastle is an abundance of interactive displays on everything from evolution, dinosaurs, and climate change, to medicine, health, and the brain.
And if it exhibits and accompanying digital shows do the job and leave your student wanting more, the centre’s education programme, LifeLab, offers over 50 different and captivating curriculum-linked workshops.

Bristol ChemLabS, Bristol

For practical and engaging chemistry, look no further than Bristol’s ChemLabS at the University of Bristol’s School of Chemistry. The centre has one of the biggest chemistry outreach programs in the UK, and as part of their program, open up to young scientists most Wednesdays of the year.

With several awards under their belt and thousands of students making use of the program each year, ChemLabS is certainly a favourite among schools. But even if you can’t make it to their site, you can book them to come to you and give one of their thrilling and fascinating lecture demonstrations in the classroom.

The Eden Project, St Austell

Where else better to learn about climate change and sustainable development than the world’s largest indoor rainforest?

The Eden Project is unique in that it houses a wide range of ecosystems under one, or at least several, roofs. Under their impressive biome glass structures, they offer programmes, resources and special events for students of all ages, each exploring a different, relevant and critical issue concerning the environment and global citizenship. A trip to the Eden Project will take students on a well thought out and curriculum-based ride through what is sure to be the high point of their year.

RSPB Saltholme, Middlesbrough

For the lovers of the great outdoors and kids who are bored stiff by the typical museum, The Saltholme Reserve and visitor’s centre on Teeside offers an incredibly diverse, stimulating, and nature-rich option.

At Saltholme, students can explore an abundance of plants, invertebrates, and wildlife, along with the rest of nature from the safety of a specially designed discover zone. And when they’ve had enough of exploring the vast reserve, students can venture inside to make use of its cutting-edge indoor classroom and well-equipped visitor centre. An experience that would still leave you with things to see and do after the second or third trip. 

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