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How To Shine Bright For Your Students Without Burning Out

You want to give your students your all. You want every lesson to be one that wows the whole class and leaves you, and them, with that warm, satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

But it’s impossible.

It does happen, but only on rare occasions — when you’ve had the chance to spend longer than average preparing a lesson and, amazingly, it paid off.
These times are, of course, wonderful. But they only make your other lessons pale in comparison and leave you feeling even more like you can’t be the teacher you want to be.

And it’s true. But only because that image of the perfect teacher you have in your mind is a completely false and fabricated one. In reality, you don’t need to put in hours of extra effort and bring bags of enthusiasm on a daily basis to give your all to your students and be the best teacher you can be.

The true meaning of giving students your all

The action-filled lesson plans that come with all the bells and whistles are an effective way to grab attention and shake up routine. But their cost is high, and they fail to keep the momentum at a steady level like consistent and well-sequenced teaching does.

These are the lessons where teaching points are prioritised and a clear outcome is on the table from the outset. They’re not incredibly exciting, and they're not going to make you into a Youtube star, but they do get everyone learning and will enable to you have a long and prosperous career.
This is what’s really meant by giving your all to your class. It’s about not getting caught up in quick wins and doing what it takes to move the needle over the longer term.

It’s about looking after your health, avoiding teacher burnout, and ensuring you’ll be there for the duration.

It’s far from easy. And most teachers don’t ever manage to get the balance right. But most teachers aren’t fortunate enough to become aware of burnout early and put the necessary, preventative measures in place to manage it.

Make sure you stay shining brightly for your students with our top three tips for avoiding teacher burnout.

Always make it fun  

Laugh, play, and enjoy the time and interactions you have with your students. Sure, it’s a lot of work and at times it’s like bashing your head against a brick wall, but that shouldn’t prevent you from having a good time when you can.

Don’t neglect your health

The state of your body affects everything you do — from your energy and emotions to your memory and perception. So you should never feel guilty about taking time to look after yourself. It can be as simple as pushing reset with a mini-nap, getting some comfortable shoes that put a spring in your step, or spending time in nature and releasing some tension.

Actively look for the positive

It’s easy to forget the good things when your bogged down in work and constantly feel like you’re one step behind. But there’s no reason to make it worse by feeling bad about it. Seeking out the positive things in your day — a smile from a stranger, a hug from friend — can do wonders for your energy levels and brighten up even the darkest of days.

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