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Travel in style to your next school sports tournament

School trips aren’t the only time when you can take out your minibus on the road.. sports fixtures, tournaments and away days are great ways to utilise your minibus.

When a school team travels away from school in their own transport it’s not only economically efficient it is environmentally friendly and adds a great sense of team comradery. You could also brand your bus with your school logo and add any charity partner’s logos on to the side of it to give it a personal touch. It will also become recognisable when it is driving around the local area which adds to the awareness of your school.

To add to the team spirit, you could play fun games on the bus or you could sing songs or chants on the way to the game to give pupils a real sense of team work.  Minibus travel also gives pupils an insight into how professional teams work and add to the idea that team work isn’t always made on the pitch or the court – but outside of the sport and team travel is a great way of putting this into practice. It also gives teachers and coaches some peace of mind that the whole team will be in attendance and arrive at the same time – there’s nothing worse than turning up to a fixture with half your team stuck in traffic!

Depending on the result, travelling back after the tournament may be a good or not so good experience. But either way it’s a great time to talk to your pupils and give them a debrief of what happened and how they can improve for the next game! 

Travelling back together is also a safe option and will ensure all pupils arrive safely back at school to be picked up by parents.

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