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Why Educational School Trips Are So Awesome

School trips are great for so many reasons; they give you and your students the opportunity to get out of the classroom for a start. They can be life changing for some students, giving them a newfound sense of adventure or be the beginning of a new interest or passion. They help create lifelong memories as well as friendships that will help them get through the rest of their school career.

They’re beneficial to educational development.

School trips not only continue a student’s learning outside of a classroom setting, they can introduce students to new personal and social responsibilities. They can help to develop social, education, and also personal skills that couldn’t be achieved when confined to their seats in the classroom. School trips encourage students to work as a team, solve problems with their friends, and become more aware of risks and safety in a supervised manner.

They help with kinaesthetic learning.

Kinaesthetic learning is a proven teaching and learning style. It involves students taking part in physical activities in order to learn as opposed to listening to a teacher speaking or even watching a demonstration. It works because it keeps students engaged as well as letting them gain self-knowledge through learning at their own pace.

Ofsted agree.

The Office for Standards in Education, or Ofsted, say that teaching and learning outside a classroom setting helps with the development of young people. In their Learning Outside the Classroom: How Far Should You Go? Report, Ofsted stated; When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils; personal, social and emotional development.

Get your school trip on.

So there you have it, school trips are great and you should totally plan more of them into your curriculum. But where should you go?

Outdoor Activity Centres

Outdoor activity centres are great for getting kids out of the classroom and into nature. You might be looking for an outdoorsy day away or even a week-long residential, either way, there are outdoor activity centres all over the country just waiting for you.


Zoos are an incredibly popular choice for school trips, and for good reason. A trip to the Zoo can adapt itself to almost any subject, from science and geography to history and art. We have some awesome Zoos in the UK, so check out our Top Zoos in the UK post for a bit of inspiration.

Interactive Museums

Nothing says hands on like an interactive museum, and there are certainly plenty of those around the UK. From museums that focus on science to those that concentrate on history, what they all have in common is that your students can get involved and learn for themselves. If you’re anywhere near the Yorkshire area, have a look at our Interactive Museums for Yorkshire School Trips post.

Getting there and back.

Once you’ve got your trip planned, you need to get there and back safely. Drop us a line, we’ll take care of the transport so you can concentrate on planning an exciting day for your students. 


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