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Helping International University Students with a Minibus

The world is more connected than ever before, and it’s becoming more common for students to venture out beyond their comfort zone to learn the skills they desire for their chosen careers. Many universities across the UK have opened their doors to international students. Statistically, the majority of these overseas students in the UK are studying at the undergraduate level, with 56% (255,785) enrolling on these courses as of 2017/18.

Utilising a minibus as part of your university’s assets will encourage more diversity with international students to join your alumni, and there’s a lot more to a minibus than first meets the eye. University towns and cities have a lot to offer, especially if there are new experiences to be explored as part of a degree for an international student. Taking trips to great geographical locations for field work with the students is a fantastic way of utilising a minibus and allowing them to gain a better understanding of their studies, as well as exploring a new country.

When the academic year is all done and dusted, teachers and students alike are ready for a relaxing break. Give your international students a lasting impression by providing shuttles to and from the nearest airport, allowing them to safely return home with a wealth of knowledge for their chosen subject and British culture.

At Marshall Minibus, we strive to create and maintain personal connections. It can often be difficult to choose the right minibus for your university, but we’ve made it simple for you to make your mind up.

To find out how we can assist with all of your minibus requirements, please visit our dedicated ‘Your Minibus’ section on our website here, or call us directly on 01480 220 444.

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