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How a Minibus Can Solve the Problem of Archaic Public Transport

​Public transport has been around for centuries, although as times are changing, so are many traditional opinions on this phenomenon. Recent research from Fujitsu suggests that more than a third (34%) of UK people think that the public transport sector as a whole is not fit for purpose. Much of this criticism is due to concerns around overly-lengthy commuter routes and unpredictable services, which are currently creating a common lack of trust in the services to deliver passengers to their destinations on time.

Of these individuals, almost three-quarters (72%) have called for investments to modernise services, as nearly half (49%) of people currently feel the sector is stuck in the past. As a result of this, half (50%) of all passengers have said that they do not trust public transport to get them from A to B on time, with around 29% of these spending anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours commuting every day.

These worrying statistics have a knock-on effect for local schools and colleges within communities, as the lack of reliability for public transport when on annual trips can prove a major risk. If you’ve planned a great educational day trip out with your students, but the local public transport becomes a risk for safety and timings, it can put a dampener on what could have been a rewarding day for both teachers and pupils.

Here’s where Marshall Minibus comes in. We understand the importance of great transport, and what better way to guarantee this than with a minibus as part of your school’s assets? By utilising this vehicle, all luggage can be kept safe in one place, journeys can be planned in advance to allow for traffic and stress can be nulled.

To find out how Marshall Minibus can help with all of your minibus requirements, please visit our dedicated ‘Products’ section on our website here, or call us on 01480 220 444.

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