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Minibus Drivers Must be Prepared for EU Travel Post-Brexit

​As the news has been saturated with Brexit news, it has finally hit the Marshall Minibus blog page. The clock is ticking and when the 29th March is upon us, the UK will leave the European Union (EU) and the long-awaited end of Brexit will be completed. As a result of this, business need to prepare for the changes to legislation and the marketplace. Those employees/drivers of fleet minibuses planning to take their minibus abroad must have the right paperwork, as simply having a UK driving licence won’t cover the numerous legal requirements once Britain has left the European Union.

Whether there is a deal or no deal, British drivers will most probably require a Green Card in order to drive into countries within the EU, and if passports are within six months of expiring, it is expected that the likely occurrence is that drivers will not be allowed entry and movement within the EU. This legislative rule is the same for the rest of the world, so it is important for minibus drivers to check their expiry date on their passport before considering travelling post-Brexit. Any passengers are advised to check the expiry dates of their passports too.

With a Green Card, this will allow UK citizens to travel under one simple certificate, used to replace the current European Certificate of Insurance. For businesses with fleets of minibuses, it is important to note that for leased vehicles, it’s paramount to get a VE103B certificate before taking a vehicle overseas. This documentation is essential to prove that the driver has permission to drive the vehicle.

Here’s where Marshall Minibus comes in. It can be difficult to remain compliant in these times of change, and we’re at hand to help you along each step of the way. To find out more on how Marshall Minibus can help with all of your vehicle needs, please visit our dedicated ‘Compliance’ section on our website here , or call us on 01480 220 444. 


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