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Good news: Councils Preparing to Tackle Most Dangerous Potholes

​Yes, the harsh weather has taken its toll on UK roads. Potholes are a hazard for any driver but particularly so if you are driving a minibus.

Fear not, as local highway authorities (LHAs) across the country are now increasingly adopting a ‘risk-based’ approach to fixing roads in bad condition, reports the RAC Foundation. This new categorisation process not only considers the width and depth of a pothole on the road, but also the type of road it is on. The volume of traffic that the road experiences and the type of road users which use this daily will be taken into consideration.

The RAC’s encouragement for people to report potholes to local authorities more frequently has paid off, as some of the quickest-acting council across the UK aim to fill and repair severe potholes on roads within minutes of the claim. Many response times to claims will be influenced by how many miles of road a council has to manage as part of the re-development, as well as the geographical size of the council area.

At Marshall Minibus, we understand that unexpected emergencies and breakdowns as a result of pothole damage is a headache. As part of the service your receive from  Marshall Minibus, your vehicle is covered for roadside assistance, recovery and at-home facilities. To access the service, please call our 24-hour emergency team on 08000 280958.

To find out more on how Marshall Minibus can help with all of your fleet needs, please visit our website here or feel free to contact us directly on 01480 220444.


(Photo credit: The Northern Echo)

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