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How a Minibus can Enhance a Sense of Community in a School

​Working in an educational role can sometimes prove very challenging, as each term throws up curveballs that can be difficult to manage. As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s always a very busy time of year, so creating an additional sense of community among staff members and pupils to get into the holiday spirit can prove very rewarding. We’ve compiled a couple of tips on how a school minibus can create an added sense of community in a school that may be helpful.

By utilising a school minibus for every day activities, one method to enhance the community at your school or college is to set up a travel scheme for those pupils who live a distance from the premises. A 16-seater minibus is ideal for this, as the vehicle is lightweight while providing a space for students’ school bags to be brought on board. Implementing this for your institution will sit well with parents of these pupils, making their day that little easier by taking the big responsibility of the school run off them.

Additionally, a great idea to engage with the wider community, utilising minibuses for Parent Teacher Association (PTA) events can encourage pupils to participate in educational after-school activities. This can help encourage closer links between home, school and staff members. As we all know, PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but also are a vital tool for social functions and communication. Utilising a minibus to create an event with a twist can provide an opportunity for all parties involved to come together and feel a common sense of community.

Now you’ve got an insightful overview on a couple of handy tips, it’s always the hardest part trying to pick which minibus is more suitable for your organisation. At Marshall Minibus, we provide an “all inclusive” leasing and management service for all your minibus and transport needs, specifically designed to make life easier for the end user. To find out more on what we can offer you, please visit our ‘Products’ section on our website here.

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