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Tips Before Setting Off on Your Next School Trip in the Minibus

​We’ve all been there as a school pupil. You and your peers are over the moon to leave the stuffy classroom and be as free as a bird on a school trip. As children, we may view this as a free get-out-of-jail card, but for teachers and organisers, it’s one big admin task that just won’t go away. To help lay the foundations for an educational, productive school trip, here are a couple of handy tips when taking time away from the classroom.

First and foremost, ALWAYS prepare for the worst-case scenario to occur when out and about with your pupils. A handy tool is to give parents a consent form and plenty of notice, which will make your admin job a lot easier. Additionally, if some members of the group are subject to travel sickness, it is best to take all the precautions in any event, such as keeping a box of essentials, including brown paper bags and spare bottles of water.

If you’re planning to head out for a jam-packed school trip which involves a long drive, it is ideal to plan out your drive to make it as efficient as possible for all involved. Children tend to try and break the sound barrier while excited on the minibus. Why not support them on their day out? Finding different ways to connect with your pupils while on a long drive can be rewarding for you as it is for them.

As many of us have experienced for ourselves, children can get rather excited when venturing out into a new area, revelling in the freedom and making the most of the fun on the day. Making sure your pupils have the most enjoyable, educational experience possible is paramount.

While on the minibus to your destination, it is suggested to plan of potential stopping spots. This will give your students a rest from travelling and give you the chance to rest your ears.

To find out more on how we can help out with your next school trip, please visit our ‘Your Minibus’ section on our website here, or feel free to contact us for all other driver services on: 01480 220 444.

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