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Advantages for Minibus Hire

​Regularly becoming a popular choice for a variety of uses, minibuses are a crucial asset to modern institutions across the country. Due to minibuses becoming the go-to option for affordability and comfort, we’ve included a couple of handy advantages to minibus hire that benefit schools, universities, colleges, charity/care home establishments and even sports clubs.

Many minibuses cater for between 8-16 people (sometimes even more), allowing experiences to be shared with team members and students without feeling too crowded. Dependent on financial budgets, customisable minibuses could be an option to suit all occasions. For a school trip with a very high likelihood of restlessness among students, minibuses with additional IPhone charging stations, plasma screens and extra leg room for additional comfort could be an option to keep morale high.

As expected when venturing out on school expeditions, a lot of baggage is required by students and teachers alike. A minibus is the ideal transporter to fit all luggage in the back, while having a spacious area to sit in. Placing bags in the boot rather than overhead lockers poses less of a risk to others, therefore giving staff and students a sense of security. Having a clearer mind on your journey allows you to take in the scenery around you, which can be relaxing as sightseeing on the job is a rare opportunity.

We strive to make everyone’s life that little bit easier, therefore compliance on minibuses can usually strike fear into the hearts of many. Driving licence requirements, regular maintenance and record keeping are just a few things we’ll take care of to save the stress from your busy day job.

Need a minibus for your next school trip or excursion? Contact us today and work with a company that specialises in minibuses for schools.

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