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Driving Essentials for School Minibuses

​Have you ever had that déjà vu feeling when setting off on your next school trip? It’s human nature to double check things before getting on the road. As a helping hand, we’ve compiled a detailed list of driving essentials prior to heading out with your pupils on your educational day out.

First things first, the minibus should not leave the premises without these initial checks being in place. The fuel and oil levels should be calculated carefully to allow for a slightly longer journey in the event of a traffic jam or an obstruction in the road, meaning additional fuel will be needed for the de-tour to your destination. All other immediate factors to consider include tyre condition, windscreen wipers working, lights in good condition, indicators working, responsive brakes and seatbelts in appropriate condition. Have a double check of your minibus’ handbook to see if these have been undertaken, so that you can be confident that it is safe before setting off.

Some additional factors which may slip off the radar are in the case of emergencies. As a representative of the minibus and your institution, it is your responsibility to keep on top of these with top priority. A fire extinguisher should always be present aboard the minibus . This is important to comply by BS 5432, with a minimum test rating of 8a or 21B. The extinguisher should contain water, foam or halon 1301 or 1211.

Paperwork containing insurance details and a driving licence should be kept safe with a trusted individual in the case of an incident. Each member of staff should also have a mobile phone at hand to keep in contact with other members of the group if pupils are being supervised in different sections of an area. If you are heading out for an after-school evening event, it is always handy to keep a selection of high visibility jackets, portable flashing beacons, torches and spare pens and paper for both staff and students alike.  

Lastly, and most importantly, a fully stocked first aid kit is crucial for a successful trip using the minibus. This kit should contain as an absolute minimum, 10 foil packed antiseptic wipes, 1 conforming disposable bandage, triangular bandages, 1 packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings, 3 large sterile unmedicated ambulance dressings, 2 sterile eye pads, 12 assorted safety pins, 1 pair rustproof blunt-ended scissors, sterile gloves and mouth masks for all staff members.

Need a minibus for your next school trip or excursion? Contact us today and work with a company that specialises in minibuses for schools.

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