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Back to School Refresh

​With thousands of students starting or returning to school this week, now is the ideal opportunity to have a refresh of equipment for the start of term. From rulers and glue sticks in the classroom to football and hockey sticks on the field, even stretching to a new minibus for school trips and class outings, anything can be updated.  By replacing old accessories and facilities used by students and staff alike it can evoke a new lease of life within the school, giving everyone involved a new sense of motivation for the year ahead.


Inside the Classroom

With limited space and lots of furniture to fit in, why not surprise students with the seating layout? You could create a circle or two lines of six tables creating a board room feeling to the room. This could enforce a more mature and stronger work ethic as they know they are being watched. A great way to inspire children is by displaying work that they have done and showcasing the learning that will take place over the coming term.


For Trips and Outings

There is nothing quite like school trips to get the kids excited. With new adventures to be had and different places to explore, these outings inspire the children and help them to learn in a different way than from inside the classroom.  Why not kickstart the excitement for the day from the word go, by leasing a new mini bus for the kids to travel in? This will not only make the school look professional but also create a buzzy atmosphere to prepare the students for the day ahead.


Need a minibus for your next school trip or excursion? Contact us today and work with a company that specialises in minibuses for schools.

For all driver services please call: 01480 220 444.


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