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Effects of Driving with Music On

Music is a pivotal part of life and for many, a journey is not complete without it. When looking online there are many compilations of music and different playlists to choose from to accompany a trip. However, many people often choose to create their own playlist with an original style and individual tastes.

Although it has been claimed that driving with music can be a distraction and therefore a danger, a study done for the Journal of Ergonomics found this to be inaccurate. The current study demonstrates that in vehicle music listening influences mood which in turn can impact driving behaviour. This shows that listening to music can positively impact mood while driving, which can be used to affect state and safe behaviour.

Despite the acknowledgment that music when driving is not a distraction, the RAC stated that although it is not illegal, it is certainly not recommend listening with headphones when driving. Listening to very loud music through headphones could be very distracting and it could render a driver unable to hear traffic warnings or even ambulance sirens.

Music’s general effect on the brain is a positive one. According to music therapist Adam Sankowski, of the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts General Hospital, music is an easy way to manage not only our feelings, but how we function. This in return has a direct impact on how people drive depending if music is on or off. When needing to enhance the feeling of a mood, music is the best way to do this. “Unlike other functions located in specific areas of the brain, there isn’t a music-specific area of the brain. That is, the entire brain is music-specific.” This means that using music to affect our moods can be incredibly powerful”.

The brain is a complex organ and very few things completely activate every part of it. However, music is an exception to this rule, accessing parts that are usually difficult to reach through other psychological means. This in turn improves memory, attention and physical coordination, all things that are essential in driving.

Marshall Minibus want every journey to be the best experience it can be if it is safe for both driver and passengers. With music accompanying a drive, it could potentially turn a trip into a great experience.

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