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Keeping the Kids Cool on the Minibus

Although sunny spells are a welcome change from the traditional rainy British summertime, the thought of travelling in a hot minibus with overheated children is enough to make us want the rain back. Everyone remembers those days of stepping onto the school bus with air con that doesn’t work and windows that don’t open. Minibuses have since moved on from this, but we are still stuck with the same problem of how to keep comfortable in this heat.

Here at Marshall Minibus, we have devised our top tips for a joyous journey that will keep the kids cool and calm, rather than stressed and scorching

Avoid parking in the sun

Although it may seem obvious, it is something that gets forgotten and it really can make all the difference. Try to park under trees or in shade, wherever possible try to keep out of the sun. Then, when the kids make their way on to the bus, it will be less like stepping into a sauna and more like walking into a cool room, which will hopefully have a calming affect on the children.

Use personal fans

A handy tip to give that extra breeze to children and keep them distracted is to give out personal fans. Fans like the ‘Mayhame Spitzeee Personal Fan with Cooling Mist’, from Ryman, (£9.99) are ideal for keeping a cool atmosphere.

If your minibus has seen better days and you, and the children are over-heating, look to contact a member of staff at Marshall Minibus for an upgrade.

Keeping the kids hydrated

If children are overheated they are more likely to get agitated, so keeping a chill box full of cold bottles of water is a great way to calm things in moments of mayhem. 

Avoid the sweets

Sweets are a great way to get the kids over excited, and in a hot minibus they can create more of an issue. Think of little hands covered in chocolate and food smudged into the seats, leaving a not so pleasant smell. So, it’s probably best to double check that the children don’t have any sweets or chocolate on them before they get on the bus.

By just following these simple steps, you can ensure that your minibus journey with the children will be a breeze.

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