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Why Your School Should Lease A Minibus

At current there are schools,colleges & institutions across the country considering having a minibus for the first time or replacing their current one. Often there's many questions that go hand in hand with this thought process, so we're going to try answer some FAQS.

Firstly the importance of a minibus to a student’s education is undeniable. Having a minibus makes sports matches less of a struggle, school trips a lot easier to plan & execute simpler and enables for opportunities to learn away from the school environment. Equally as important, the minibus can also transport the students to and from school safely.

However we know that a big worry is cost...buying a minibus outright isn't always affordable for everyones budget. But there’s good news; Minibuses can be affordable & within budget regardless the size of your school or institution because you could consider the option of leasing as opposed to buying outright. Not only does this allow for you to be granted up-to-date safety features on your vehicle and save you money but we provide on-site servicing, 17 week safety checks and collection for MOT test!

When it comes to choosing a minibus for your school, college or institution, the experts at Marshall Minibus are on hand to help you navigate what can be a bewildering array of vehicles and options. In terms of size, minibuses range anywhere from 8 and 9 seaters all the way through to 15, 16 and 17 seat configurations. They can have additional equipment fitted to help with accessibility and, depending on your budget, you can even go as far as branding the interior to fit with your school’s colours or wrapping the vehicle to whatever colour and design you like.

If you still have questions please see our FAQS page or contact one of our friendly advisers Tel: 01480 220444 Email:


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Helen Potter

Could you give me approx figures for the lease of a 17 approx seater minibus for a school
Approx initial upfront costs if any and monthly costs and finance periods available .
At this stage this is just an enquiry so I have an idea of costings
Thank you

13 October 2016 09:48
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