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5 Educational And Child-Friendly Youtube Channels

Youtube is always in the news for something.

Most recently it was the rise of 'Story Tubers'— teenagers who upload videos of themselves studying and revising for exams for hours on end.
However, for a long time, there have been concerns over what our kids may inadvertently end up watching on the site.
It's true, you can find anything on Youtube — literally. But with its new parental controls, and it's immense potential for learning, Youtube should not be so quickly discarded from anyone's home.

The fact is, it's one of the worlds greatest educational resources today — not least because it's available 24/7, from any device, and, crucially, for free.

So whether it's maths, science, and geography, or Raspberry Pi, comedy, and special relativity, on Youtube, every student is sure to find something worth watching.

1. MinutePhysics

For short, simple animated videos about everything from the solar system to your chances of getting into university, there's no better place than Minutephysics.
The Youtube channel has over 4 million subscribers and is popular for its host's, Henry Reich, light but an informative approach to physics. In minutes curious kids can learn how to find aliens, how to teleport Schrodinger's cat, how perspective shapes their reality, and how long a day is on the sun.

2. Good Mythical Morning

With over 13 million subscribers, Good Mythical Morning has become somewhat of a Youtube sensation. The two hosts, Rhett and Link, are two goofy, good-hearted guys who produce skits, challenges, and experiments for their viewers every week.

Despite their quirky and comical approach, all their videos provide some educational value, particularly regarding science and, well, food. Popular videos include putting weird things through water filters, eating scorpions, optical illusions, ice cream sandwiches, and weird ways to open a bottle.

3. Simple Kids Crafts

The title says it all, but with over 700 videos and a strong focus on recycling materials, it really does a lot more, too.
With nearly 400,000 subscribers, the focus of Simple Kids Crafts is mainly doll furnishings — particularly barbie. Merve, the host, has made over 5,000 DIY miniature crafts for the little doll and explains how she did them all in easy to follow tutorials.

4. Geek Gurl Diaries

For young girls interested in technology, or even those interested in starting a Youtube channel but can't summon up the courage, Carrie Anne Philbin's channel Geek Gurl Diaries is for them. Carrie Anne is a whizz when it comes to coding, and on her channel, she has hundreds of tutorials, vlogs, and interviews on computer programing, Raspberry Pi, Electronics, and other geeky subjects. Thanks to her energy and upbeat manner, she manages to make complicated topics simple and engaging for all ages.

5. The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop, hosted by Emily, the 'Chief Curiosity Correspondent' of The Field Museum in Chicago, is a quirky educational channel devoted to the goings on behind the scenes in a natural history museum. With videos such as trips to the lab where they prep animals for displays, demonstrations of earth
science concepts, and explanations of species, there is really nothing quite like it out there. What's nice about it too is that each video has a “viewer’s discretion” disclaimer and a “grossometer” meter, so parents can decide if it's appropriate or not.

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