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How To Be A Highly Effective Teacher

Childhood education plays an integral part of their success in life. The question of what makes a great teacher isn't a novel one. It is, however, one that has failed to bring a definitive answer, simply because there's no one set recipe that makes for success.

Many of you will know of the book 'The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People' which has sold millions and millions of copies across the globe but what makes a highly effective teacher? 

We round up the 5 most noteworthy habits of teaching effectively...

1. Nurturing Your Student/Teacher Relationship

Affirming students self-worth can be the difference between constant disruption and abiding attention.

Student/teacher relationships, both inside the classroom and outside the classroom can make a significant difference to the workings of the entire classroom. 

2. Praise Can Do More Harm Than Good

If you get praise wrong, it can have long-lasting harmful effects for your students. Instead of praising with generic comments such as 'nice work' 'good writing', try and be a little more specific about the positive thing they have done. 

3. Recognising That learning Is Hard

Short-term approaches that stretch the student's ability can benefit a students progress rather than hinder them. One way this can be done is by varying and personalising the types of tasks students participate in; it may be initially met with a lot of groans, but it will soon pay off. 

4. Knowing Your Subject

It may seem completely obvious, but having detailed knowledge of a particular subject will have a greater impact on your students learning. 

5. Time & Class Management 

Great classroom management is a great way to make effective use of your classroom but also a way to manage your students. Effective classroom management is clear and decisive without being demanding. 

Make use of our tips and you'll be sure to see a difference in your students, yourself, and your classroom in no time. 

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