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3 P.E Games That Prove Its Place In The Curriculum

For many students, it’s a love it or hate it class, but whatever the preference, there’s no doubt about the importance of PE and a good few hours of healthy exercise and socialising a week. But with many schools cutting down on physical classes over recent years due to increased pressure to perform on exams, physical education is under threat.

A survey of nearly 600 P.E teachers in the UK found that 38 percent of schools have reduced timetabled PE at key stage 4 over the past six years, with 24 percent having done so in the last academic year alone.

If the trend continues so, it would be disastrous for students as P.E is not only a way for students to learn to appreciate the joy of movement, but it’s a place where invaluable life skills are developed and lifelong friendships cultivated.

However, it’s no secret that some P.E classes leave much to be desired. And so, if teachers are to help safeguard the future of P.E in the curriculum, they need to make sure each class delivers at the very highest level.

Here are three games that as well as promoting active movement, help teach students many valuable skills that are vital for surviving in the modern world.

Monster Ball

Monster Ball has gained somewhat of a rep online for being one of the best P.E games ever made. Unlike many games, it provides the ideal mix of skill and competition to make it both extremely fun and highly educational.

To play, gather a selection of different sized balls as well as one large gym ball, i.e., the ‘monster ball’. With students split into teams of two on either side of the room and the monster ball in the centre, the aim of the game is to throw the balls and try and push the monster onto the opposing team's side.

As well as developing accuracy, coordination, and throwing skills, students have to think strategically think about what tactics they’ll use. For example, using a combination of heavier balls, effective angles, and teamwork. Check out this video to see it in action and find out more about its scoring system.

Hula Huts

Hula Huts is a fun and highly strategic P.E game that offers students a chance to experience what it’s like to be a part of a dynamic team made up of many different tasks and roles.

With builders who use hula hoops to create the hula huts, scorers who try and score to win more hoops, destroyers who try and take down other team’s huts, and gathers who collect more balls for their scorers, there’s a position for every skill set. The game does require quite a bit of equipment, but as long as you have the hoops and balls, it’s easy to improvise with the rest.

The winners are the team with the most huts when the time runs out. It's great fun to play and both taxing on the body and brain, with the real challenge being each team allocating roles to the best people and working together as a unit.

Sink the ship

From the safety of dry land, students of all ages can sail the seas and face enemy pirate ships with the incredibly entertaining Sink The Ship game.

All you need is a mat for each team, balls to act as cannons, and bowling pins or something similar to work as targets. Groups of 5-10 students make it their task to knock down their opponent’s pins until all of them have fallen and they have effectively sunk their ship.

Students can step off the mat with one foot, but if two feet touch the floor, then it’s off to do ten push-ups or some other grueling punishment. Scooters or any other equipment with wheels can be used as lifeboats to collect balls, but students can only shoot from inside the ship.

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