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How a Minibus Can Solve the Problem of Archaic Public Transport

​Public transport has been around for centuries, although as times are changing, so are many traditional opinions on this phenomenon. Recent research from Fujitsu suggests that more than a third... Read more

How a Minibus Can Eliminate the Risk of Purchasing Unsafe Tyres

​The icing on the cake for us petrol heads, sleek tyres on your minibus are the making of a fantastic road trip, so why risk this phenomenon for the sake of saving your school a tiny bit of budget... Read more

How a Minibus Can Help with Local Scout Groups in the Community

​Many people refer to university as the institution which taught them life skills which are crucial not only for the workplace, but for personal development, although many overlook local scout groups... Read more

Marshall Leasing Breaks Vehicle Milestone

​We’ve got some great news to share with you all. Under our first full year of ownership through Northridge Finance, we’ve broken through the 8,000-vehicle milestone for the first time!... Read more

Minibus Drivers Must be Prepared for EU Travel Post-Brexit

​As the news has been saturated with Brexit news, it has finally hit the Marshall Minibus blog page. The clock is ticking and when the 29th March is upon us, the UK will leave the European Union (EU)... Read more