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How to Discuss Transgender Issues in The Classroom

It was one woman’s sole effort to memorialise the murder of her transgender friend in 1999 that grew into what’s known today as Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). TDoR is one day of... Read more

A Friendlier Approach to Curbing Bullying in The Classroom

For a long time, the approach to cutting down on bullying in schools has been to punish the offenders. To make it clear that bullying is bad and wrong, and that children shouldn’t be so... Read more

Teaching Students How to Survive A Terror Attack

With Europe at a heightened risk of terror attacks over the holidays, and countries in the West suffering more deaths from terrorism in the past year since 2001, it’s about time we start taking... Read more

3 Steps To Building Character in Your Students

Two components of teaching that are getting a lot of attention recently are character education and values. Uncoincidentally, two of the most difficult to teach and, as a result, seldom seen... Read more

How To Shine Bright For Your Students Without Burning Out

You want to give your students your all. You want every lesson to be one that wows the whole class and leaves you, and them, with that warm, satisfying feeling of accomplishment. But it’s... Read more