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How To Prepare Your Students For Their School Trip

Children, especially young ones, are renowned for revelling in routine and structure so going out of their usual school setting can bring up a whole host of problems. Emotions can become heightened,... Read more

5 Of The UK's Best Summer Camps

Ever watched those American movies and wondered why we don't have residential summer camps like that here? It just so happens to be one of the only Americanisms that has yet to fully catch on in... Read more

Fun Minibus Games For Your Next Trip

With a minibus/coach packed with energetic and excitable children, it would be sensible to prepare activities to make the journey fun. It's less likely for cries of 'are we there yet?' to... Read more

Five Questions Parents Could Ask About Your School Trip

When a child goes home with a letter announcing a school trip, most parents will straight away want to know – when, why and how much? They will also want to know about safety and... Read more

Engage Your Pupils On Your Next School Trip

Don’t let the logistics, the forms, the worrying about all the kids ruin what will be a great day out for everyone involved. Before you plan your next off campus trip, use these ideas to make... Read more