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5 Educational And Child-Friendly Youtube Channels

Youtube is always in the news for something. Most recently it was the rise of 'Story Tubers'— teenagers who upload videos of themselves studying and revising for exams for hours on... Read more

3 Teacher Tips For Emotional Resilience and Energy in The Classroom

It'll be no surprise to anyone working in education to hear that the number of teachers who called the ESP helpline has increased by more than a third in just a year. The Educational Support... Read more

How To Be A Highly Effective Teacher

Childhood education plays an integral part of their success in life. The question of what makes a great teacher isn't a novel one. It is, however, one that has failed to bring a definitive... Read more

Why Leasing a Minibus Is Always Better Than Buying

For teachers, it’s a becoming an ever greater privilege to provide their students with the opportunity for a school trip. Getting the chance for some off-site learning and memory making can be... Read more

The 5 Best Free Digital tools For Teachers

There are students leaving school today that have no idea what life was like before computers. Online learning is simply second nature to most students. And although it can be tough for teachers to... Read more