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What Schools Can Do to Help Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

​Carbon Dioxide levels in the air are at their highest in 650,000 years. This has a huge impact on global warming and how the planet is responding. With 32,113 schools in the UK, if small changes to... Read more

Games to Make Car Journeys Fun

Few people think that long car journeys can be exciting. However, with the right resources and things to do, it is easy to transform what might feel a drag into a journey. Marshall Leasing has come... Read more

How to Keeps Kids Spirits High after Match Defeats

​Losing a match is always hard, no matter the age of the player or the sport you are playing. For children though it can be hard to understand why they have lost, leaving their self-esteem and... Read more

Effects of Driving with Music On

Music is a pivotal part of life and for many, a journey is not complete without it. When looking online there are many compilations of music and different playlists to choose from to accompany a... Read more

Keeping the Kids Cool on the Minibus

Although sunny spells are a welcome change from the traditional rainy British summertime, the thought of travelling in a hot minibus with overheated children is enough to make us want the rain back.... Read more