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A Teacher’s Guide to Driving a Minibus in Wintery Conditions

You’ve filled in all the risk assessments, liaised with your contact at the destination, and made all the necessary preparations for your school trip. All that’s left to do is cross your... Read more

The Quick Guide to Minibus Licensing Requirements for Teachers

There are a lot of things that differ between driving a minibus and driving a car. I.e. looking in your rearview mirror to see a dozen jumping kids and spending 20 minutes trying to reverse into a... Read more

5 Ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your students

School can be a significant source of stress when growing up. In fact, according to a new study by Barnardo’s, it is the biggest source of stress. The report shows that nearly half of all... Read more

6 Ways Technology Can Enhance School Trips

With numerous reports about how technology, in particular smartphones and social media, is damaging our children’s health, the wisest option seems to be to bring certain restrictions into our... Read more

The Best Activities For Kids This Half-Term

Even if you have it all planned out, chances are you’ll quickly run out of things to do with the kids during half-term. After going to the cinema a dozen times and visiting enough museums... Read more