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4 School Trips That'll Inspire Any Budding Artist

Sometimes, art class is overlooked when it comes to planning a school trip. How’re you going to transport all your arts and crafts supplies? What if the kids make a complete mess wherever your... Read more

The Benefits Of An Educational School Trip

The classroom provides structure, limits, and authority and although this is the same for school trips, the change of environment can really encourage your students to take in a lot more information... Read more

Our Top 6 Educational Websites

More and more children are now using the internet to educate themselves in subjects they are being taught in school and also in home school settings. Schools and teachers themselves are also using... Read more

How To Prepare For Your First Day As a Teacher

Your first day as a teacher is fast approaching and you are raring to go, but are you fully ready to face a room full of children for the first time?  Prepare, prepare,... Read more

The Best UK Beach Destinations For Your School Trip

A trip to the beach can make wonderful childhood memories, many children do not get to experience. Your trip can be educational as well as fun and as long as all safety precautions are well thought... Read more