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4 practical ways to teach critical thinking in the classroom

There’s an often-touted debate in modern education about the nature of the teaching in schools. For a long time, it has been believed that the education system has placed too much emphasis on... Read more

5 Reasons To take Your Next School Trip Outdoors

The United Kingdom has a long history of outdoor education, so, fortunately, there are an abundance of options when it comes to outdoor school trips. By getting students outside of the classroom,... Read more

What To Tell Your Students Before An Overnight School Trip

Overnight school trips can be the perfect opportunity for students to develop a greater sense of autonomy. For some who have never spent time away from home before, it may even act as a mini right of... Read more

5 steps to planning a meaningful and memorable school trip

School trips can be a great way to improve the learning experience of your classroom. For many students, who may not usually have the opportunity to visit new and unfamiliar places, a trip can... Read more

Tips for managing mobile phones in the classroom

Every teacher in today’s classroom understands how frustrating mobile phones can be. Over the last ten years, smartphones have gone from something that students had as a minor distraction,... Read more