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10 Reasons Teaching Is The Best Profession In The World

1. You’re a part of the community

It’s probably the reason you got into the job in the first place. Schools are today’s closest thing to community hubs — central meeting points that see people of all ages and types get together to learn, work, have fun, and share their experiences.

2. You laugh every day

It could be because one of the kids did an uncanny impression of the headteacher, because your colleague got way too drunk at the staff party, or just to stop yourself from crying at the mountain of papers on your desk. But hardly a day goes by without you laughing.

3. The challenge

There are few things more difficult in life than trying to get a group of rowdy children to listen to you speak about Roman history or math while also making sure they actually absorb it. Well, maybe making them laugh. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, teaching never fails to present you with new and ever more difficult challenges. Some days it gets to you, but give it up for a dull and tedious role in administration? Never.

4. You’re working on yourself

You dedicate your life to others but it’s not solely for their benefit. Every day you’re working on yourself too — improving memory, learning, and communication skills. All that mental activity keeps the neurons firing and ensures you are healthy and growing. Just what you need to keep you on your toes as a role model in the classroom and community.

5. You’re always learning

You’re constantly learning new skills. You came into the job with a love of a particular subject, say physical education or science. But now you also love geography, English, art, and media. And you play in a band and teach archery after class. And do amateur counselling in detention, psychoanalysis at parents evening, conflict mediation on the playground, and social and political policy at teachers’ union meeting.

6. Every day is different

Sure, sometimes the days feel the same. But then Billy does something totally unexpected, there’s an unannounced visit from Ofsted, or torrential rain disrupts your school trip. It’s either that or you need to be incredibly inventive and find someone from whom you can steal a few extra chairs.

7. The holidays…

The holidays are definitely a perk. But they’re only a small advantage compared to the deeper, greater satisfaction from teaching. They’re still great though.

8. The wins

Seeing the look on someone’s face when something finally clicks. The satisfaction of students making it after they leave. Whatever it is, from the small wins to the huge successes, these are the moments that keep you coming in every day.

9. The kids

Coming into work to spend the day with people who haven’t been in the world for long is a great thing. Children teach you as much as you teach them. In a moment, one innocent comment from a pupil can seriously hit home and change your perspective. While over years, you can forge strong bonds and witness over time how they change and you change with them.

10. The lifelong impact

It’s a great thing. Even if they don’t remember your name in ten or even five years time, they’ll remember that time you took them aside and shared that piece of advice or your manner and enthusiasm for a particular subject. The impact you have on their lives is more than you or they could ever realise, and will be passed on to their children and further generations to come.

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