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Planning For Your School Trip

Planning a school trip for around 30 children is never going to be easy. It certainly can't be as simple as finding a fun and engaging venue/destination and letting everybody know the date. There is much more to it than that we are afraid. 

Here are some tips to get you started...

- Choosing a time during a busy school schedule may be a challenge in itself. Liaise with fellow colleagues and the venue to see when exactly works for the majority.

- Choosing to travel by minibus will not only give you flexibility but it also ensures you all arrive at your destination together, in a reliable mode of transport.   

- Do your research. If it is going to be a long journey, don't expect all 30 children to hold their bladders the entire journey. Know exactly where the available stops are and schedule time in for them too. 

- Prepare travel activities to help the journey pass quickly, especially for those with a low attention span.  

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