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Our Top Ten Out Of The Box School Trips

Don't settle for dull and dreary school trips for your students. Think outside the box, think of something that's going to evoke excitement but educate at the same time. Taking a break from the usual trip to the local museum/farm can bring a refreshing change for your students and also yourself too. It doesn't have to be extravagant either, usually, the most fun is had when they're not. 

1. Why not try out a speciality farm? It doesn't have to even have animals. You could visit an organic produce farm maybe or somewhere that specialises in growing herbs or hybrid fruit and veg. 

2. Visiting a recycling centre can be a lot more interesting and fun than it sounds and can really help your students understand about waste and the environment at the same time. They will learn what can and cannot be recycled and what it could possibly be turned into after, as well as seeing things being squashed, crushed and melted down. 

3. Many local visitors centres and national parks will hold History days where you can dress up and 'live' like they did in a certain period of time. Gathering fire wood and cooking your lunch over it, washing clothes in barrels and maybe even playing out mock battles in the woods. 

4. Do you have a Lock and Dam near by? Try and time your visit so the lock will be in use with boats passing so the children can see a bit of British Engineering in use. 

5.  Animal Shelters and veterinary practices would be a great place for small groups to go and help look after, clean and stroke the animals. They could look around the operating theatres and the animal quarters too.  

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