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Taking Your PE Classes to the Next Level

Physical Education is an integral part of any curriculum, boosting a student’s mental and physical skills. If you want to take your PE classes to the next level, then you should start planning your trip to these destinations right away.

Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding

Whether you’re looking for a fun reward for a term of hard work, a skiing or snowboarding taster session or a full course of lessons, most skiing and snowboarding centers are equipped for classes of any age. You might even be looking to prepare your class for their first ski trip abroad or even working towards their PE GCSE or A Level practical assessment. Whatever you’re looking for, have your class try out their snow legs for an exciting and different day out.

Trampoline Parks

Trampolining is not only incredibly fun, but it can completely tire you and your class out in just a couple of hours. Most sites offer bespoke school packages for large groups of students; they can often run sessions that can either fit into a structured curriculum or just as a social experience. Either way, bounce your way to an extraordinary PE session.

Ice Skating

Why not get you skates on and take your class to an ice skating rink? This day trip, suitable for any age, could be focussed on practicing skills, working as a team (if you fancy a game of ice hockey), or simply to have fun. Don’t forget to take your gloves!

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