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4 School Trips That'll Inspire Any Budding Artist

Sometimes, art class is overlooked when it comes to planning a school trip. How’re you going to transport all your arts and crafts supplies? What if the kids make a complete mess wherever your guerilla art class takes place?

The thing is, all you need to inspire any budding artists in your class is a piece of paper, a pencil, and something to be inspired by. So, here are four types of school trip you can plan to get your kids’ creative juices flowing.

Art Galleries & Museums

This one seems fairly obvious, but what better way to inspire your students to create something beautiful than to show them some of the incredible artwork that’s already out there? Sure, you could bring pictures up on the interactive whiteboard in your classroom, but it’s not quite the same as experiencing the art in its natural habitat.

Most art galleries and museums have activity rooms that can be booked out by schools. Once you’ve had a wander round and appreciated all the art, why not set up camp in one of these activity rooms and ask your students to recreate their favourite piece?

Sculpture Parks

Sculpture parks may seem a little similar to galleries and museums, but they really do have a different vibe. Places like Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Leeds showcase tonnes of weird and wonderful sculptures in a picturesque, countryside setting.

While you’re busy exploring, you could hand out clipboards with pencils and sheets of paper. Take a look at the name of each sculpture and ask the kids to draw their own interpretation. They could end up drawing something even more weird and wonderful than the sculpture itself.

Zoos & Animal Sanctuaries

Rather than taking a look at pieces of art, why not take a trip to somewhere that inspires art? Animals have been a source of inspiration for many famous artists for hundreds, if not thousands of years. By taking a school trip to a zoo or animal sanctuary, you can not only discuss science and geography, but you can set the scene for an exciting piece of artwork.

Like with galleries and museums, zoos often have activity rooms, especially for schools. You could book one of these rooms and have your students draw their favourite animal or, if they’re feeling even more creative, create a piece of art based on the fur patterns or skin of their favourite animal.

Stunning Landscapes

Just as with animals, the beautiful British landscape has inspired some of the most beautiful art in history. Why not take your class to the seaside, or to the mountains, set up camp, and ask them to draw what they see. Even though they’re all looking at the same landscape, each child will interpret what they see differently, resulting in a perfect art display for your classroom.

If you’re looking for a slightly more adventurous activity, you could ask each student to draw just one small section of the landscape, then when you get back to school, stick them together to make one, mish-mashed piece of art.


When you’re planning your next school trip, drop us a line. Wherever you are in the UK, we’ll help get you and your students there and back safely.



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