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How To Prepare For Your First Day As a Teacher

Your first day as a teacher is fast approaching and you are raring to go, but are you fully ready to face a room full of children for the first time? 

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Familiarise yourself with not only your classroom but also the grounds and layout of the school. Any resources you may need i.e media equipment, stationary etc may actually be located somewhere other than your classroom so find those also. You certainly don't want to be lost and flustered before you have managed to do any teaching at all. 

Read and re-read the school's policies and procedures so you know exactly when and how to handle certain situations. Don't be afraid to ask for advice either, everybody has been new once. 

Prepare yourself and your classroom for your students. Your name and room number should be displayed clearly inside and outside the classroom and all stationary and workbooks should be in the correct places with names on them where appropriate. 

If your classroom has a telephone, be sure to write down important numbers within clear view. This way, you can easily contact reception, the school nurse and nearby classrooms with ease. Especially useful within a large school. 

Send out a welcome letter to students and their parents either in the summer holidays or during the first week of school to build up a good relationship from the off. Let them know you are approachable but also not a complete push over. The relationship needs to stay professional. 

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