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Educational Apps For Home And School

Learning doesn't have to stay at school just as modern technology doesn't have to stay at home. Educational apps put the enjoyment back into learning and can be downloaded to tablet devices and compatible phones. Apps are super engaging and children are more likely to want to learn from something so fun.

Lots of schools now have access to tablet devices in the classroom, so why not try out some of these apps. Alternatively they can be used at home. 

Endless Alphabets - Great for children aged 5 and under who are currently learning about letters. Watch the letters from a word scatter and jumble so your little one can put them back in the correct place. Once the word is complete, a little animation will pop up that explains what the word means. 

Solar Walk - Got a little space lover at home? Let them explore the solar system in great 3D detail. Aimed at youngsters ages 4+.

Namoo - Encouraging children to explore the life of plants by interacting with 3D simulations. 

Number Run - This app will help your child prepare for those inevitable, timed maths tests/exams they will no doubt encounter during education. Think of this game as temple run for maths. Your youngsters will help a panda escape a bully by solving maths equations. 

Vocabulary Spelling City - Children can choose between different categories for their own ability level. They can unscramble letters, take a spelling test, put words in an alphabetical order or use them in a group such as 'Hangmouse,' the app version of 'Hangman'

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr.Seuss - Who doesn't already love Dr.Seuss? An ebook that highlights words as the narrator reads. Clicking on the fun, interactive objects on the page will bring up their associated words. For children aged 2-6.

Habitat The Game - Aimed at youngsters aged 4+, your little ones will adopt and care for a polar bear by completing real world actions such as turning lights off and conserving water. Start them on loving our environment young. 

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