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How To Prepare Your Students For Their School Trip

Children, especially young ones, are renowned for revelling in routine and structure so going out of their usual school setting can bring up a whole host of problems. Emotions can become heightened, behaviour can go haywire and bus journeys can be chaotic. 

Here are our top tips to get you and your class well prepared for your next school trip...

Study - We know school trips are based around in classroom learning of the curriculum but how closely are they linked? Teach your class not only the subject you are studying but also about the place you are planning to visit. What it looks like, why you are going and what activities you will be doing when you get there. 

If you can find a short video of the trip destination to show them, it may help the make a visual connection and familiarise themselves for when they get there. 

Plan - Lay out your itinerary for the day and hand out a printed copy to each child, that way they will know what to expect and when without constant questions of 'what are we doing now?' 

'How long will this take?'

It may also help them feel involved. 

Behaviour - Now this one is an important step in the preparation. Children get excited and at times that can go hand in hand with being a class clown. In the weeks and days leading to the trip itself, set out clear and achievable behaviour guidelines. 

You could make a spider chart class poster and ask them to add to it with ideas on how they should behave on the trip, for example... don't distract the driver, keep your seatbelts on or always stay with your class group. 

By outlining your expectations you are less likely to run into problems on the day. 

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