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7 Simple Ways To Teach Creativity In The Classroom

In the 20th century creativity as valued in society as it is today.

It wasn’t important for landing a job, nor was it crucial for building a successful business; the industrial revolution did emerg thanks to some creative out-of-the-box thinking, but it was hard graft and monotonous work that kept it alive and thriving.

Skip forward to 2016 and creativity is a highly prized trait. No longer can you depend on conventional thinking to get you by in life; modern society demands ever more creative and innovation solutions — and you’re students can be the ones to provide them.

Prepare you’re students for the world of today and tomorrow by topping up ideas bank of learning techniques that foster creativity in the classroom:

Give Your Students A Steady Stream Of Inspiration

First and foremost, to foster creativity you need a steady source of inspiration. You’ll never fail to get it from nature, books, film, science fiction, travel, music, art, the list goes on…

Hand Out Personal Notebooks To Document Ideas

Every successful scholar, artist, scientist, and writer, never leaves the house without their trusty notebook. It’s a great habit, and one that can really spark creativity. Students can capture their ideas and thoughts in words and pictures before they fly away.

Do The #The100DayProject A Make Something Great

Aside from being a great way of keeping students engaged, the 100 Day Project is a fun way to try out a creative project for 100 days. Students could make something individually or you could work together as a class; by the end of the 100 days, you should have a creation that celebrates all your efforts.

Give Group Mindfulness A Go

Now this one is a large step away from the norm, but science tells us mindfulness can actually help the brain be more creative. Make it fun and let your student’s follow their wandering minds to see what they come up with — you’ll no doubt be surprised.

Explore The World Of Creative Endeavours Online

There are many creative projects going on around the world that you can draw from; kickstarter is a great place to find out about new innovations, Instructables can teach you just about anything, and Sporcle can provide you with hundreds of fun ideas.

Have A Big Brainstorming Session

Take a common challenge, say, world hunger, and use the design process as a group to find solutions; from the initial ideation stage right through to planning and implementation.

Take On A Real World Challenge

Why not go one step further and take on a real challenge? IDEO’s Amplify’s Refugee Education Challenge is a project that asks students to explore how learning and education can be improved for refugees around the world.  Classes can visit their website to get topic ideas and submit their solutions.

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