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The rise of sports climbing

Using the strength of its fingertips, climbing makes its ascent into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. From being a niche activity watched by a select group of people, climbing will take centre stage at the biggest sporting event of the year, watched by millions worldwide. It will be split into three categories including Speed, Bouldering and Lead.

If you’re still a sceptic about the growth in popularity of sports climbing, then maybe you’ll be convinced by the numbers. The Association of British Climbing Walls reported that over a million people in the UK visit indoor climbing wall centres every year with expected year-on-year growth of the sport to be 15-20%. The introduction of climbing at the Olympics will only add to its appeal.  

You may be thinking, why is climbing so popular? Time reported that rock climbing may be the ultimate full-body workout, working both your upper and lower body. It has also been suggested that climbing like other exercise activities helps reduce stress.     

At Marshall Leasing we may not be able to help in the actual rock climbing but as minibus leasing providers we can give you the tools to get your rock climbers from A to B. Whether you’re already running trips or completely new to rock climbing, a minibus could make the ideal climbing companion.

So, why not join the trend and get your minibus climbing the wall? To find out how we can assist with all of your school minibus leasing requirements, please visit our dedicated ‘Your Minibus’ section on our website or call us directly on 01480 220444.

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