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How to keep your minibus safe during flooding

Whilst some may be dreaming of a white Christmas, for road users the picture looks a bit more wet. The Met Office have issued multiple weather warnings across the UK which is set to be the busiest travel period before Christmas. With the potential of heavy rain in place of snow, motorists will have to take extra care in areas of flooding.

At Marshall Minibus we understand the dangers flooding can pose not just to car users but also to minibuses as well. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide on the danger that floodwater poses and how best to approach this hazard whilst on the road.

The dangers

Although you may think that you can evaluate the safety of driving through floodwater by its depth, it’s what the floodwater hides that’s the real danger. Manhole covers can get lifted and moved creating holes for your minibus to get stuck in. If you try to leave the vehicle in floodwater, slipping and trip hazards are hidden under the water. The water itself can carry dangerous bacteria from drains and sewers whilst in rural areas it can be contaminated by agricultural chemicals and animal waste.

How do you avoid the dangers of floodwater?

Avoid any depth of fast flowing floodwater as this kind of flooding can be unpredictable and very dangerous. It only takes 30cm of flowing water to move your vehicle, with 15cm having the potential to knock you off your fleet.

Standing water can be more predictable and if possible, you should get out of your minibus and assess the flooding before driving through it. A stick or a long object is a useful tool to gauge the depth of the flooding. If it is at a safe level to drive through the next thing to check for is potential hazards such as displaced manhole covers. Once through the floodwater, if possible, stop for a moment to let any excess water drain away.

If you do find yourself having to use your minibus when roads are at risk of flooding, Marshall Minibus are here to help. As minibus leasing providers we are always happy to offer advice on how to keep you and your minibus safe on the roads. To find out more on what we offer please visit our website here, or call us directly on 01480 220444

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