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Get Your Christmas Choir Singing to The Masses

​It’s Christmas! The festive season is in full swing and schools will soon be closing for the holidays. However, for some schools that merry spirit doesn’t stop at the school gates. In fact, they spread Christmas cheer for all to hear with their school choir. A group of school children singing Christmas carols is a sure way to bring joy to passers-by, so why not get your choir on the road and singing to the masses?

At Marshall Minibus, we specialise in providing expert minibus leasing services for schools which means we can offer you the ideal transport solution for your school choir. However, a minibus is not just for Christmas and you can keep your choir moving all year round. After all, research by the University of Oxford found that singing in a choir improves our health and happiness.

Want to get your choir rocking around town but not sure where to start? Marshall Minibus are on hand to help you navigate what can be a bewildering array of vehicles and options. We understand that sometimes circumstances change. It may be that a vehicle is no longer required, or the usages alter. We are a PLC and own the vehicles that we lease which allows us to be highly supportive of our clients.

Not sure what minibus leasing is or what financing a minibus involves? Visit our dedicated ‘Why Use Us’ section on our website or call us directly on 01480 220444.

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