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Start training the next generation of black belts for the Olympic Games

Karate will make its Olympics debut at Tokyo 2020 featuring eight new events for both men and women. There will be 80 athletes in total taking part at the spiritual home of Japanese martial arts, the Nippon Budokan. With the introduction of karate at the games, does your school have a karate Olympian in the making?

The Olympics is the ultimate sporting showcase with research from Statista showing that the 2016 Olympic games was watched by 3.6 billion people. This means that the new sports entering the frame are about to be broadcast to a much bigger audience. For karate this could mean a surge in pickup from the younger generation looking to be the next black belt master.  

At Marshall Minibus, we specialise in providing expert minibus leasing services for schools and because of this we can offer a wide variety of minibus packages to suit your school’s specific needs. Whether you need to get your students to training facilities or to competition venues, your minibus will make the ideal addition.

In terms of size, minibuses range anywhere from 8 and 9 seaters all the way through to 15, 16 and 17 seat configurations. They can have additional equipment fitted to help with accessibility and, depending on your budget, you can even go as far as branding the interior to fit with your school colours or wrapping the vehicle to whatever colour and design you like.

Get your blackbelt minibus and help the upcoming generation on the path of glory. To find out how we can assist with all of your school minibus leasing requirements, please visit our dedicated ‘Your Minibus’ section on our website or call us directly on 01480 220444.

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