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Host a Variety of Charitable Events with the Help of a Minibus

It’s always fantastic to be integrating with your local community through a variety of charitable events, such as Christmas fairs and other fundraising opportunities. It can often be easy to arrange all materials needed to make the day a success, but the logistical aspect of your charitable work can often pose a difficult catch, especially if you are planning to travel a long distance.

Packing the car with boxes of items ready for the event is all well and good, until finding empty space becomes a serious issue, let alone if you are bringing any passengers with you. If you’re working in a team to make this the best charitable event to date, why not look at an alternative which will benefit you and your charity in the long-term? This is where Marshall Minibus enters the picture.

Utilising a minibus as part of your work is a game-changer. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your colleagues, in terms of size, minibuses range anywhere from 8 and 9 seaters all the way through to 15, 16 and 17 seat configurations. Our prestige and experience allow us to provide the charity sector with reliable, responsible and economically valuable minibuses, making your life that little bit easier. Why not remove the stresses of yesterday and focus on creating a real buzz within your institute? 

To find out more on how we can help with all of your minibus requirements, please visit our dedicated ‘Your Minibus’ section on our website, or call us directly on 01480 220444.

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