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10 Out Of The Box School Trip Ideas

A Minibus Can Open A World Of Possibilities

The news that you’re going to take your students on a school trip should incite excitement or glee. 

But, when they find out they’ll be going to the local museum once again, it can sadly cause the opposite reaction.

Don’t settle for dull and dreary school trips; check out our list of 10 out-of- the-box ideas to ensure you and your students make the most of your time outside of the classroom.

A Technology Free “Old-Fashioned Day”

Either in a local or national park (or in the corner of the school field), try to do everything the old-fashioned way: gather wood for a fire, cook a meal over it, and at all costs, don’t use electricity or any gadgetry.

Recycling Center

This one is a lot more fun than it sounds; the sounds and sights of tons and tons of cardboard and plastic being crushed is exciting in itself, and at the same time students can learn how to recycle, what can be recycled, and what the end products are used for.

Manufacturing Or Processing Facility

The opportunities are endless with this one: cars, toys, tools, boats, cereal boxes, food products; whichever you choose your students are sure to be astounded by the grandeur of the mechanised equipment, assembly lines, and operation as a whole.

Speciality Farm

Farms are a popular choice but they don’t need to be tourist attractions; speciality farms that grow a particular crop, organic farms, or even an orchard, would offer a wide array of intriguing smells and things to do.

Fire Department

Many kids dream about being fireman; make it a reality for the day and take them to your local fire department where they can learn about fire safety, fighting fires, how firemen live, and the gear they wear.

Ceramics Shop

Here students can learn about the craft of making pottery and get theirs hands dirty (while you re-enact the scene from ghost with a colleague).

Lock and Dam

What could be better than having a picnic and taking in an impressive feat of human engineering? Try and plan your visit around a time when boats are due to pass through.

Jeweler’s Shop

This can be a treat for teachers and students alike; find a jeweller in your area that uses traditional methods to create or repair jewellery and learn who to make your own little gem.

Veterinary Practice

From seeing sick animals in the operating theatre to playing with kittens, rabbits, and dogs, going to the vets assures to be a rollercoaster experience.

Spooky Cemetery

You can make a trip to a cemetery around halloween or simply go for more educational purposes; you could make rubbings of old headstones, have a competition to find the oldest one, and look out for interesting names and markings.

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